William Ronaldson
Born c 1766, appears in the parish of Falkland. Married “Betsy” Brown and farmed at 1) Ballo Farm (Falkland), 2) Cast Farm (Leuchars), 3) Tullo (Benholm), 4) Mains of Lauriston (St Cyrus). Died Lauriston and buried St Cyrus 1846


William Ronaldson

William Ronaldson

William Ronaldson
Born 1798, Farmer at Balneathal (Kinross). Married Margaret Stobie 1800-1888. He also farmed at Mains of Kirkness; West Beakford (Haddington); Seggarsdean Farm Haddington East Lothian EH41 4LD and jointly at Easter Balgeddie. Buried at Portmoak.

Elizabeth Ronaldson
Born 18/4/1800 – Ballo Farm (Perhaps now sunk in Ballo Reservoir). Married at Cast Farm (now Castle Farm) to Robert Fyfe 1799-1875, farmer at East Mathers.

John Ronaldson 1802-1889 and James Ronaldson 1804-1897 – both farmers and unmarried.

Robert Ronaldson 1809-   married Jean Hall 1814-

Ann Ronaldson  1811-1881 married David Jamie 1797 and had one son and four daughters. Their son Robert married his cousin, Margaret Louisa Fyfe, daughter of Robert Fyfe and Elizabeth Ronaldson but had no children. Robert worked in Singapore but later lived at Serangoon House, Slateford, Midlothian and left £42,000 (£3.5 million) in his will.

Mary Anne Lindsay Ronaldson
Born 1813-1891, Cast Farm. Married William Falconer. Buried Benholm Cemetery.
Catherine Ronaldson 1816 married Alexander Baird
Helen Ronaldson – 1820-1903
Isabella Ronaldson 1821-1902 married John Grewer and had four sons and one daughter
Christian Ronaldson 1822-
Martha B Ronaldson 1823-1893 married a Mr Kemp
Lucy and Margaret died 1826 probably in childbirth.
Elizabeth Ronaldson Born 1833, Mains of Kirkness, Portmoak. Married in Bearford to Robert Thomson, farmer, Kirkton of Mailer, Perth.

Their eldest son William (later Sir William) became principal of University of Wetwatersand 1924-28, S Africa.


Thomas Ronaldson

Thomas Ronaldson
Emigrated to USA and married Mary Argo

John Ronaldson
Born 1842, Bearford, Haddington. Married 1878, Candy, Kincardine to Ann Victoria Falconer. East India Merchant, London. Buried Haddington 1938

Children of John and Ann Victoria

Evelyn Ronaldson
Born 1878, Robin Hood Lodge, Sutton, Surrey. Married John Fairweather. Died 1980, Stepps. Buried Bedlay Cemetery.

Winifred RONALDSON: b. 24 Feb 1880-1952 • Sutton, Surrey
William RONALDSON: b. 12 May 1881-1935 • Carshalton, Surrey. Married Francis Guy.